CREATE workplaces WHERE women THRIVE


We partner with Fortune 500, high-growth and startup companies to improve innovation and profitability by developing and executing programs that ensure the benefits of gender diversity are realized. We espouse a comprehensive approach to addressing a client’s gender diversity goals which is developed after gaining a firm understanding of the company business goals, management perspective, team dynamics and employee engagement. Our solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  • CONSULTING   We develop strategy, design programs, create internal communication plans, and establish measurement systems. Our solutions may include establishing ERG’s, mentorship and/or sponsorship programs or “returnships” and recruiting events targeting female candidates including those returning to work after a career pause.  

  • EDUCATION  We aim to affect organization change via facilitated workshops covering topics such as the case for diversity and inclusion, the power of a multi-generational workforce, and design thinking activities geared to creating the workplace you desire.  We lead workshops for Women’s Resource Groups to support, connect and equip women and equip with best practices for success. We also train hiring managers to ensure diverse and effective hiring practices are part of the culture.

  • COACHING  Our executive coaching supports those in transition—-whether on-boarding, off-boarding, re-boarding, or recently promoted— to enable their development, advancement, retention, and success.

Measures are an essential component of our offerings. We work with you to develop standards and dashboards to track progress.  We save you time and money by providing proven expertise and focusing on programs that work.

Case studies

The ReBoot Accel team is engaging, knowledgeable and relevant. Our program participants left feeling equipped for their next step in their career journey.
— Goki Muthusamy, VISA

What we bring


Professional Backgrounds

We bring decades of experience as corporate executives, start-up founders, executive coaches, and Harvard MBA’s to help transform cultures. We work with a variety of companies from high growth startups to Fortune 500’s, offering proven innovation techniques and best practices for creative workplaces that support women.


Deep Expertise

Since 2014, we have helped over 2500 women resume careers. Our training as CTI coaches and our experience facilitating workshops around executive presence, impact, and job search skills enable women resuming careers to thrive.


Innovation Toolkit

Our backgrounds in design thinking, agile development, lean startups, multipliers, radical candor, and storytelling allow us to tap the best of Silicon Valley’s innovation practices.