When Diane Flynn returned to the workforce after a 16-year (never expected) pause, she found much had changed. The new technology-rich, collaborative workplace was almost unrecognizable, and there was no one to help. She co-founded ReBoot Accel to assist other energized women resume careers by getting them current, connected, and confident. Along the way, companies began to reach out in search of this accomplished talent pool, and also for assistance creating cultures where women thrive. It’s been a privilege helping both women and companies reimagine who they can be and the impact they can have on the world.

One of the real joys of this journey has been the remarkable number of women and men who have supported us. Thank you to our speakers, advisors, sponsors, partners, participants, interns and countless others. To all who have reached out in support from around the country, we are grateful for your encouragement.

One recent ReBoot Accel alum said it best. “I returned from class with my curiosity and senses heightened. I talked to both my girls and they said ‘Mom, you can do anything!’”