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ALUMNA MOMENT. “I firmly believe that women who have taken a pause, have much to offer; but can need a bit of confidence and a nudge to take that next step in their life.”

Meet Audrey Hanneman, ReBoot Accel Alum and Director of ReBoot Accel Los Angeles, ReBoot.

In addition to the leadership and biz dev skills she gained from non-profit pro-bono work during her career pause, Audrey brings an international and corporate perspective to the table via Intel, Quantum, and IBM; and “firmly believes that women who have taken a pause, have much to offer; but can need a bit of confidence and a nudge to take that next step in their life.”

We are thrilled Audrey is a part of the ReBoot Accel team,ReBoot.

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “Why do we doubt ourselves?”


Meet Dana Dinville Posey. Dana holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and spent her first stage career in the Electric and Gas Utility Business before pausing to raise her children.

Dana is now Operations Manager at JetBlue Technology Ventures, loving the corporate venture capital pace and world. She recently hired a ReBoot alumna to her team.

A year ago, Dana didn’t know how or where to start the career reentry process. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, and didn’t have a professional network in California. Dana was also worried that she was starting to “age-out”.

“ReBoot provided me with a very supportive community of smart, extremely talented women who are all in the same place in their lives and it made me realize that 1.) I wasn’t alone; and 2.) we all have a lot to offer, so why do we doubt ourselves?”

Through ReBoot Accel, Dana learned new workplace technologies and job search skills, repurposed her past skills and experiences to today’s marketplace needs, and regained her confidence to go for it.

We are here to help.

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Meet Lorena Cuffy, ReBoot Alum, a strong voice for students in her community, an inspiration to many. Lorena Cuffy is Executive Director of the Robert Hoover East Palo Alto Junior Golf program and a Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. Digital Inclusion Fellow.

Over one-third of women in ReBoot Accel programs,, are planning to pursue social impact roles and jobs during their next stage career. Registration now open for fall programming, ReBoot.

What does your next stage look like? How can we help you help others?

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “ReBoot Accel gave me the confidence I needed to start my career reentry.”

Meet Kristin Anderson Link, CS grad, HP employee, and mom who paused her career before returning to work as a public speaking coach and business owner of Link Coaching.

“I felt out of touch with the business world. I didn’t know where to begin and that was daunting. ReBoot Accel gave me the confidence I needed to start my reentry.

I now know my gap is ok and there are many women who have done this before. Those gap years can truly be a competitive advantage for me because of the diverse leadership roles I played, and the public speaking and storytelling skills I gained.”

Thanks Kristin!

Now, how can we help you? ReBoot

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “I believe each person has their own unique path toward vocation.”

Meet Leanne Prevo Rodd, ReBoot Accel alum, seasoned training professional and City Lead for ReBoot Connect Boston (, with experience in the staffing, manufacturing and publishing industries. “I truly enjoy helping women navigate reentry toward paid work and being the catalyst for helping people find meaningful roles. After crafting my own part-time, full-time, and “no-time” work schedules I believe that each person has their own unique path toward vocation. I also believe that women can form powerful networks to support, encourage and engage one another in their reentry journeys.”

Check out Leanne’s full schedule of ReBoot Connect Boston professional development workshops and events here:

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “Dont’ sell yourself short…the rapid rate of change means everyone around us is learning too.”

Meet Jeannie Crumly Cole, editor and project manager in Big Publishing before going freelance for more flexibility. When Jeannie was ready to scale her career back up, she got smart about the skills she’d need to pivot to the job she wanted.

After taking the ReBoot Career Accelerator (, Jeannie took classes in HTML, CSS, SEO, Google Analytics, and design thinking. She also blogged, ran a Twitter channel, and gained experience in digital platforms like WordPress and MailChimp. Jeannie epitomizes the “growth mindset” so critical to those returning to, pivoting, and growing their careers. She is now Communications Manager at Stanford School of Education, DREME Initiative.

“Don’t sell yourself short. There are tech-averse people all over the workplace. You will stand out as someone valuable for your willingness to embrace change, to figure out new and better ways to get things done, and to learn beyond the confines of whatever job you find. Being tech savvy is a mindset and a willingness to put in the time to keep learning – and then pitch that learning to others.” – Jeannie Cole

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “Thanks to ReBoot Accel, I have everything I wanted…”

ARE WOMEN RETURNING TO WORK RIGHT FOR TECH? YES. Meet Maria Bardach, ReBoot Accel Alum and Fulfillment Operations at ENJOY Technology, Inc.

Maria was an inventory operations whiz in a different sector. She wanted to pivot to tech, so upskilled at ReBoot Accel and landed a job at a hot start-up. Fully equipped to participate in the technology sector.

“Thanks to ReBoot Accel, I have everything I wanted: a job I love at an exciting organization with possibilities for personal and professional growth, the security of generous employee benefits, and great people to work with!” ReBoot

Way to go Maria. Now, how can we help you?

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ALUMNA MOMENT: “At ReBoot Accel, I updated my practical knowledge and technical toolkit and regained confidence I had lost.”

Ann Y. Ing is a recent ReBoot Accel alum and new small business owner,

“At ReBoot Accel, I updated my practical knowledge and technical toolkit and regained confidence I had lost. ReBoot instilled in me a growth mindset and renewed optimism that I have more to offer with my life perspective and transferrable skills.”

How can we help you? ReBoot

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “If there is a will, there is a way.”

Meet Susan Gordon Bird, Co-Founder of SafeSpace, a non-profit formed to provide young people with early access to mental health care and support. The first SafeSpace center opened this September in Menlo Park, CA. Additional SafeSpace centers will be designed for youth by youth to provide early intervention and care by licensed therapists and psychiatrists; and through education, advocacy and anti-stigma programs. The SafeSpace approach leads to youth feeling heard and in charge of their path to mental well being.

Susan participated in the first ReBoot Career Accelerator during her pause and career pivot, after 20 years as a worldwide sales and marketing executive in the software industry; and helping lead three companies through the IPO process.

“Reboot Accel inspired me to do something I am passionate about. After my first session, I came away feeling that if there is a will, there is a way.”

At ReBoot Accel, we are fortunate to meet and be inspired by the women who participate in our programs. Thank you Susan for caring for all our kids and creating a SafeSpace for them to find help.

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ALUMNA MOMENT. “All experience is valuable experience.”

Meet Lisa Carey, Senior Resource Management Specialist at Deloitte.

Lisa had a compelling and diverse body of work prior to her career pause. She worked for Senators in D.C., served as Chief of Staff for the Federal Railroad Administration, and led sales initiatives and teams at IBM for thirteen years,

Then, following her career pause and significant volunteer leadership roles in her children’s schools and faith community, she pivoted and pursued her passion and became a grass-fed beef evangelist, co-founding her consumer food company.

When it was time to increase her upside, Lisa was ready to return to corporate, skilled up in tech, networking, and confidence at ReBoot Accel and landed a job at Deloitte.

We think Deloitte is incredibly fortunate.

Where do you want to go next? How can we help?

ReBoot Accel is a safe place for women who have paused their careers to learn current productivity tools, broaden their personal network and become inspired about their futures as valuable, respected contributors. Any woman looking to reinvent herself should consider ReBoot Accel.
Jill L.
I highly recommend ReBoot Accel to women accelerating back into the workforce. I’ve read the parenting books, I’ve attended speaker series and continuing ed classes, and now this is about MY next step! ReBoot Accel is highly supportive and representative of where I want to go!
ReBoot Alum
I wouldn't have landed my job with Jet Blue Technology Ventures without ReBoot Accel and taking small bets. I'm so thankful I found the ReBoot Career Accelerator and to have been a part of the ReBoot Accel team.
Dana P.
As a small business owner, ReBoot Accel helped me to become current and relevant using technology. My small bet to participate in the ReBoot Career Accelerator inspired me to launch my online store and turned into a significant win.
Heather K.
Network. Talk to people. Everyone I encountered was happy to make time or offer connections. And find what resonates for you.
Jill P.
ReBoot Accel gave me the confidence to apply to jobs, as well as the current skills to be a strong team member in solving the Bay Area housing crisis.
Diane D.