Patty White

About Patty White

Co-Founder & COO

My career spanned 13 years in sales, finance, marketing, and strategic planning for IBM and HP. Almost half of that time I was part of a job-share team that offered an ideal balance–until my fourth child was born. My youngest child offered me a window into the world of special needs children, and I applied my business skills serving on boards of both national and local organizations that served individuals with intellectual disabilities. I co-founded the LuMind Foundation, which has been instrumental in initiating clinical trials for treatments to improve cognition in individuals with Down syndrome. In the fall of 2015, while mentoring start-ups at GSVlabs, I was captivated by the ReBoot Career Accelerator concept and the larger mission it addresses. It has been rewarding to be part of the team that turned the idea into reality and continues its growth. I hold a BA in Economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard University.