Forbes: ReBooting Thousands of Returners

Recall Robert De Niro In "The Intern"? This Entrepreneur Is Rebooting Thousands Of Real "Returners"

John Greathouse

In the 2015 film The Intern, Robert De Niro portrays a seventy-year-old, former executive widower, who accepts a junior “Returnship” role in order to expand his social contacts and share the wisdom of his business experiences. Turns out, the premise of the film is closer to fact, than fiction.

It’s no secret that America’s workforce is transforming, as Millenials assume senior levels of responsibility. What is less obvious is the existence of a modern generation gap, in which managers in their thirties are recruiting, hiring and supervising employees who are literally as old as their parents.

Diane Flynn Co-founded ReBoot Accelto address this gender gap and provide “returners” (primarily women over forty who have taken an extended hiatus from work) with the proper skills and mindset to succeed in the modern workplace.

Diane Flynn