Discover Your WHY Workshop

Understanding our “why” gives us a deeper sense of purpose and allows us to give the best of ourselves to others. When we do work that truly matters to us, we are more focused, fulfilled, inspired, and inspiring.

This workshop will help you discover your why statement and reflect on the personal values and experiences that shaped it.

Nathan Gold, the Demo Coach to Silicon Valley (and way beyond), and Kristin Link, founder of Link Consulting will help participants:

  • Understand the Golden Circle
  • Work with others to discover their own why statement
  • Help others discover their why statement
  • Draft a why statement
  • Explore living out their why statement in 2018

Start your 2018 with more joy, and invite a friend! This is a wonderful gift for someone considering their next stage, at any age. Thanks to our generous facilitators, Nathan Gold and Kristin Link, all proceeds will go to fund the ReBoot Accel Bay Area 2018 Scholarship Fund.


Date: Thursday, March 1
Time: 9-1pm


NOTE NEW LOCATION: 2744 Sandhill Rd, Menlo Park, 1st Floor. Enter through West door (to the left at you look up at building from the lower parking lot)


$40 – All proceeds will go to the ReBoot Accel 2018 Scholarship Fund.