ReBoot Connect is our continuing professional development program for all women intent on growing their workplace tech skills, network, and confidence. Whether you are restarting your career, are in the process of discernment, or are already working, ReBoot Connect is here to keep you current, connected, and confident. ReBoot Connect chapters meet a minimum of twice a month to listen to speakers, hold workshops and host networking events. Topics range from learning hands-on tech skills to figuring out your passion and purpose, and everything in between.


Thursday 9/21 9:30-11:30: Turn on your GPS: The first step to getting clear on what’s next

Find clarity and confidence as you discover what’s next for you. In this introductory workshop, certified coach Paula Sacco, CPCC, will guide you through exercises that will help you assess where you are now and identify where to target your efforts. You’ll explore areas where supports can help you get you where you want to go. You’ll leave with an action plan in place and a deeper understanding of why your goals are important to you.


Thursday 9/28 9:30-2pm Premium Workshop Event (additional fee will apply) – Find your Sweet Spot – 3 steps to define your strengths, identify your passions and land in your sweet spot

Dive in deeper as you get clear on what’s next for you. Certified coach Paula Sacco, CPCC, will guide you through discovering your strengths and passions and exploring ways to combine them to find your sweet spot. Your personalized character strength assessment will help you identify your primary strengths as you gain insight from coaching exercises that will help you uncover your passions and interests. Discovering what the right next thing is takes a bit of self-reflection and an investment of time, but the payoff is landing in the spot that’s just right for you!


$129 for ReBoot Connect members
$149 for non-members. Lunch included.

Wednesday 10/11 9:30-11:00: Effective Resume Strategies

At this resume strategy workshop, we’ll review functional, chronological, and hybrid resumes and discuss the benefits of each type for returners. We’ll also talk about how to address employment gaps, current trends in hiring and how best to position your experience to get noticed. Bring several copies of your current resume (updated or not) for small group feedback.
Location: TBA

Thursday 10/19 9:30-11:30 | Getting LinkedIn – The Basics

The bar has been set – A LinkedIn profile is necessary for you to be recognized in today’s job market. We’ll show you how to create a basic, polished profile that shows hiring managers, connections and recruiters that you are current and showcases all of your amazing skills and experiences. After this workshop, you’ll have the tools to unveil your professional presence online.

Location: TBA


Friday 10/27 9:30am-2pm | Premium Workshop (additional fee will apply) – Building Your LinkedIn Profile (Includes Headshot)

Join us for a deeper dive into the vast wonders of LinkedIn! Once you’ve created a basic profile, it’s time to start using this great tool to your advantage. Once you learn some basic tips and tricks, LinkedIn has the capacity to catapult your job search to the next level. While some people are ‘found’ through LinkedIn, most people need to put some effort in to network strategically. We’ll teach you how to connect with the right people for your search, where to conduct your research and the best ways to share your brand and expertise. We’ll walk through all the major features and best practices for using this important tool and set you up to be a successful networker.
Location: TBA

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    $30/month  OR $300/year

    Monthly subscription memberships will auto-renew each month and can be canceled at any time. 

    Annual memberships, which provide two free months of ReBoot Connect, will not auto-renew and may not be cancelled. 

    Contact  [email protected] with any questions.

    Feel free to bring a friend! ($30 drop in fee)