Welcome to the ReBoot Accel Chicago community. Whether you are looking update your skills in a supportive community environment, want to Kickstart your career via online learning, or want to explore jobs with companies looking to hire talent like you, we are here to help. Below please find the options available in the Chicago area.

What is ReBoot Connect?

Our ongoing professional development program, your $30/month membership in the ReBoot Connect community includes a minimum of 2 two hour sessions/month. Members also receive discounts on non-Connect workshops.¬†There are multiple ways you can engage with ReBoot Connect, we also offer a “drop-in” option for $30/session.

Workshops & Events

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More Career Reentry Resources for You from ReBoot Accel

ReBoot Accel Kickstart

ReBoot Kickstart

A free online career reentry training curriculum with over 20 lessons, videos, articles, and a supportive closed Facebook community.

ReBoot Accel Talent

ReBoot Talent

A placement program helping companies source accomplished talent from the pool of those returning to the workplace. ReBoot Talent connects candidates with jobs and companies seeking experienced, skilled, and mature talent.


ReBoot Accel Weekly National Newsletter

Focused content and up-to-date news to help you on your career journey.

ReBoot Accel Discussion Group on Facebook

A closed Facebook Group offers safe space for discussion with like-minded women.

ReBoot Accel Testimonials

Real stories from real returners.

Meet the Chicago Team

Jessica Jolly

Director, ReBoot Accel Chicago