Professional development workshops and coaching for teams and individuals.     

The Positive Impact of Workplace Diversity and Hiring Manager Training

This session shares the latest research on diversity--how it’s defined and why it matters, along with the impact it has on employee engagement, retention, innovation and bottom line performance. An interactive discussion around best practices will help identify unique opportunities for building strong, diverse teams, and a supportive culture for women. If needed, we have specific materials for how and why to hire those returning to the workplace after a pause.

Professional Presence and Language Strategies for Maximum Impact

There is power in language and far too often tentative language patterns compromise how women communicate and are received by others. This session highlights the power of “positive language” and offers 14 ways to ‘up one’s language game’ to increase impact and perceived confidence. Interactive improv and workshop exercises encourage individual insights and inform development of strategies that will result in more effective communication.

Apply a Growth Mindset to Address the Confidence Gap

What is a growth mindset, why do women need one, and how can it improve one’s overall confidence and personal growth? This session reviews the characteristics of a growth mindset and underscores the reasons it is critical to success in today’s world and workplace. This session is especially relevant for high-achievers and perfectionists who need to familiarize themselves with the “failure bow”, and learn how failure is a prerequisite for lifelong progress. Discussion exercises address approaches to developing a growth mindset and help participants reframe failure and criticism so they can move forward with energy and joy.

Network with Purpose

Networking is critical for professional success and advancement, yet many don’t enjoy it.  This session will cover the importance of networking and give participants strategies to develop a networking style that is productive and authentic. Participants will develop and practice a 30-second story that can flex and be used with confidence in a variety of social venues.

Solve Workplace Challenges with Design Thinking

Design thinking is a key component of today’s forward thinking companies and its principles can be applied to any challenge one is facing.  At its core, it is a problem solving methodology that is solution-focused rather than problem-focused which puts humans at the center of the design process. This session will share the five pillars of Design Thinking and provide participants with an understanding of how to apply design thinking to any workplace problem they may face.

Productivity Tips for Maximum Efficiency and Career Fulfillment

With all the information surrounding us today, it can be hard to decide what to focus on in order  to be most efficient at work. We will provide insights to save time and maximize impact, along with tips for managing email and the “infobesity” that is a constant struggle in today’s workplace.  The session explores habits for goal-setting and ‘best practice’ strategies for prioritizing work, so employees can focus on the important and not just the urgent.

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile to Up Your Professional Game

Having a strong presence on LinkedIn is a ‘must have’, not a ‘nice to have’ in today’s working world. Being a part of the largest professional social network is vital regardless of one’s stage in his or her career, and whether or not he or she is currently seeking a new position. This session offers expert guidance on how to develop a LinkedIn profile and engagement strategy to present one’s best self.

Leverage Social Media and Build Your Personal Brand

Social media is a key tool of one’s ‘personal brand’.  Learn how social media is changing everything, and how to choose-and-use the right social media tools to help achieve business goals.  Learn how one can present in the best possible light in the digital marketplace.

Leadership Coaching

We coach individuals one-on-one to help them reach their maximum potential, enhance their impact as a leader, find joy and fulfillment in their work, and get the right work done. With a focus on leadership, executive presence, and results, we help high-potential employees gain self-awareness and unlock their potential.

“The ReBoot Accel team is engaging, knowledgeable and relevant. Our program participants left feeling equipped for their next step in their career journey.”  
— Goki Muthusamy, Visa

Diane Flynn is Cofounder and CEO  of ReBoot Accel, accelerating the careers of women in the workplace.  ReBoot Accel gets women current, connected, and confident by teaching essential workplace tech skills and building community.  Diane also consults with high-growth and Fortune 500 companies interested in creating workplaces where women thrive. Diane previously served as  Chief Marketing Officer of GSVlabs, a marketing executive at Electronic Arts, and an associate consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. Diane is passionate about catalyzing women and is a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, and leadership coach. She earned a BA in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard University.  

Patty White, Cofounder and COO of ReBoot Accel, supports and provides a community for talented women by offering training in leadership, communication skills, office technology, and coaching. Patty consults with companies to develop cultures where women employees with thrive.  She is also an executive coach. Prior to launching ReBoot Accel, she co-founded the LuMind Foundation, which has been instrumental in initiating clinical trials for treatments to improve cognition in individuals with Down syndrome. Patty's earlier career spanned 13 years in sales, finance, marketing, and strategic planning for IBM and HP. She holds a BA in Economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard University.