Productivity & Organization for Women in Transition

Productivity & Organization for Women in Transition


Clutter and disorganization are in our world and in our minds and can keep us from living a wholly and productive life. Please join us and certified coach Becky Bacon—and one of ReBoot’s very first instructors—as she covers the different areas where clutter and disorganization manifest within and around us, what creates our disorganization, and some helpful tips and tricks that one can use to help reclaim their time, mental space, and energy levels.  Becky, who specializes in organization, productivity, life transition and mind-body health, will help us take a holistic point of view on understanding and tackling what typically holds us back from being more organized and productive when we are in a life transition.

Please join us in uncovering the root causes of overwhelm and learn how you can thrive with more ease, for good.

In this talk, you will learn the three secrets to overcoming clutter and disorganization:

1) Understand the myths and lies that create overwhelm (and they’re not what you think)

2) Identify the behaviors that create overwhelm in your life so you can have a different experience

3) Learn the top 3 tools and techniques to clear the clutter, get more organized and reclaim your life, all with a sense of ease!

It's important to understand the "why" before you can successfully create and use new systems that are actually sustainable. We look forward to ReBooting with you!

LOCATION: Menlo Church Cafe, 700B Chestnut Street, Menlo Park. PLEASE NOTE! Entrance is located in the corner next door to the back doors of ACE Hardware and Juban restaurant. Use GPS to find ACE Hardware and then go to their backdoor and we are in the corner next door.

$30 Drop-in fee. Free to ReBoot Connect members.

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