After taking several years off from the workforce to raise her children, Diane Flynn returned to paid work in the summer of 2014 as CMO of GSVlabs. When sharing her story of reentry with friends, they all had similar reactions.

“I want to find meaningful work but I don’t know how to start.”

“I’m a different person than I was 10+ years ago. My career goals and interests have changed. Now what?”

“My professional connections need a major refresh. How do I do that?”

“My tech skills are completely outdated, what do I need to know to be relevant?”

“I have a wealth of knowledge and decades to contribute to the workforce, but I’m nervous.”


While we were away, the work world changed and the changes aren’t slowing down. What it takes to succeed today is different than when we were last employed. Social media, shared drives, visual everything, and current workplace tech tools can be confusing and overwhelming. What’s a ‘like’ versus a ‘share’ versus a ‘tweet’? And “how do I interview via Skype or Google Hangouts”? We’ve discovered that having exposure to these technologies, along with a growth mindset, can be the key to a successful reentry. ReBoot Accel is designed to do just this.


It took a village to successfully create and launch ReBoot. Diane and her co-founder, Patty White, along with a team of accomplished, results-oriented, and innovative women launched ReBoot Accel in early 2015. Since then, several ReBoot Accel alums and college interns have made significant contributions to the progress, programs and culture at ReBoot Accel.


There is a large demographic of educated women (35-60 years old) who held demanding, interesting, lucrative positions before pausing their careers for caregiving or other opportunities. They are now looking to reenter the workforce for financial reasons and to increase their impact on society. This is the first demographic of women who after investing deeply in their education and early careers, have taken time off and now want to return. Most feel they have decades left to contribute to their companies, customers and communities. By retooling and tapping into this seasoned pool of talent, we can reenergize and add a needed, diverse perspective to better solve many of business’ and society’s toughest challenges.


One of the real joys of this journey has been the remarkable number of women and men who have supported us. Thank you to our speakers, advisors, sponsors, partners, participants, interns and countless others. To all who have reached out in support from around the country, we are grateful for your encouragement.

One recent ReBoot Accel alum said it best. “I came back from class with my curiosity and senses heightened. I talked to both my girls and they said ‘Mom, you can do anything!’”

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