Vice President, Compliance

The Role:  Vice President, Compliance

Location: San Francisco, CA


Position: Vice President, Compliance

Firm Background

Our Client is a leading private investment office for a select group of taxable and tax exempt clients. The firm was formed in 2011 as a multi client investment office. 

Mission description

Protect the Firm and ensure that it maintains a strong culture of compliance within the letter and spirit of regulations and best practices for investment firms.


Report confidential and proprietary information to Firm Management.

Ensure compliance with SEC rules, regulations and policies. Lead the key functional areas of the Firm’s compliance program while remaining up to date regarding regulatory developments. Apply compliance program standards and coordinate with internal stakeholders including Client Operations Department, Trading, Investment Management, Client Services, Human Resources and Firm Management. Support the innovation of the business within products, clients and vendors, including the development of key contracts. Select, manage, collaborate and coordinate with key external vendors.

Responsible for regulatory filings and updates to and maintenance of compliance calendar for recurring compliance program requirements. Update, maintain and administer the firm’s code of ethics, business continuity plan, and data security plan.

Responsible for daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual compliance reviews, controls and documentation, and maintenance of mandatory books and records. Enforce procedures, identifying and addressing violations, areas of risk, and document compliance issues as appropriate.

Review client and prospect communications and firm marketing materials for regulatory compliance and firm communication guidelines. Ensure compliance in the firm’s presentation of performance track records and analysis. Review and maintain the firm’s legal agreements.

Interface with clients, consultants and regulatory bodies as needed.

Functions include:

  • Management of firm vendor relationships and primary liaison for certain vendor partnerships including outside legal counsel, regulatory counsel, and regulatory compliance support

  • Maintenance of all required regulatory filings, including the firm’s Form ADV, Form ADV?E, Form 13(F), Form 13(H), investment adviser representative registrations, and others

  • Transactional, periodic, forensic testing & annual review of compliance program

  • Asset transfer review and verification

  • Periodic and continuous training of firm members and staff

  • Regulatory filings & correspondence

  • Code of Ethics monitoring and review including access person account holdings, personal trading, gifts and entertainment, etc.

  • Firm trading review including best execution, investment guidelines, soft dollars, directed brokerage, trade errors, trade aggregation, insider trading, trade memoranda documentation

  • Supervision of client onboarding and offboarding, including contract review, fee schedule review,asset and investment guideline review

  • Prospect, manager, and vendor background review

  • Proxy voting, as necessary

  • Review and supervision of client and prospect communications and client complaints

  • Marketing review, annual client communications, review of newsletters and public communications

  • Review of custody of client assets & management of surprise custody examination

  • Protection of client information

  • Business continuity management

  • On and offboarding of members of the firm

  • Compliance software management

  • Legal contract management


  • Impeccable integrity and ethical standards.

  • Familiarity with the Investment Advisers Act, the Investment Company Act and other rules and regulations applicable to U.S. investment advisers.

  • Ability to work independently, proactively, self motivated and well organized. Adaptable, with a high sense of collaboration and empathy. Excellent time management skills.

  • Technically proficient with 3rd party compliance software support systems. 5+ years experience with SEC regulated firms (including legal experience)

Location: San Francisco, CA