Simulation Development Engineer

The Role: Simulation Development Engineer

Location: Redwood City, CA



Our company is looking to hire a strong engineer with a background in using numerical methods to develop robust simulations of physical systems. We are building scalable simulation technology to solve a wide range of problems essential to our company's technology, from multi-physics simulation of the printing process itself to simulation of intricate latticed elastomeric parts. Our company is enabling the design and manufacturing of amazing, final-quality polymeric parts, in geometries that have previously been impossible to manufacture -- and software-based simulation is a fundamental part of our approach.

Our ideal candidate will have proven expertise in the following areas:
- Coding numerical linear algebra and optimization solutions, using tools such as PETSc, Dakota, or SNOPT
- Coding finite-element based simulations and solutions


  • BA/MS/PhD in computer science, computational mechanics, mathematics or related field

    1. 3 years+ experience

Nice to have:

  • PDE-constrained optimization

    1. Surface and volume mesh generation, analysis, and adaptation

    2. Building and shipping significant software components

    3. Experience with Linux and AWS