Autonomous Fleet Reliability Engineer

The Role: Autonomous Fleet Reliability Engineer

Location: Palo Alto, CA


Autonomous Fleet Reliability Engineer

at LyftPalo Alto 

At Lyft, community is what we are and it’s what we do. It’s what makes us different. To create the best ride for all, we start in our own community by creating an open, inclusive, and diverse organization where all team members are recognized for what they bring.

We care deeply about delivering the best transportation experience; this means the best experience for the passenger and the best experience for the driver. We believe this quality of service can only be achieved with a deep understanding of our world, our cities, our streets… how they evolve, how they breathe. We embrace the powerful positive impact autonomous transportation will bring to our everyday lives and with our ambition, we will become a leader in the development and operation of such vehicles. Thanks to our network, with hundreds of millions of rides every year, we have the means to make autonomy a safe reality. As a member of Level 5, you will have the opportunity to develop and deploy tomorrow’s hardware & software solutions and thereby revolutionize transportation.

Developing an autonomous vehicle is a complicated prospect.  We’re looking for vehicle reliability engineers to support our hardware and software teams in an operational capacity.  You will be a bridge between our hardware and software teams, responsible for bringing up the software stack, troubleshooting, and coordinating with safety drivers to ensure that their missions are successful.  If you enjoy working in a fast-paced, safety-critical environment and you’re great at creating solutions given minimal detail beyond complicated requirements, you might be the person we’re looking for!


  • Work closely with the hardware, software and operations teams to ensure the highest possible uptime for the fleet

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software on the fly.  You’ll be working with radar, LiDAR, cameras and other sensors, as well as our software stack

  • Focus on streamlining our hardware build and software release process

  • Test and validate data collected on our autonomous vehicle fleet

  • Ensure that we’re able to build a fleet that can scale

Experience & Skills:

  • Moderate to advanced experience with Linux system administration and systems engineering

  • Experience with git and/or other software development tools

  • Comfortable in a terminal and understand Bash (and other shells as) well.  Experience with Python or other languages is preferred

  • Understand server hardware and computer networks.  You can probably subnet in your head. You have used wireshark (or similar tools) more times than you can count

  • Solid understanding of computer hardware

  • Well organized and communicate clearly with engineers and non-technical personnel

Nice To Have:

  • You love the kinds of problems that can’t be googled!

  • Your life is happiest at the boundary between hardware and software

  • You’re not afraid to forge ahead, make mistakes, learn, and try again

  • You graciously help others who look to you for feedback and guidance

  • You think ahead and build for the future. You challenge the status quo. You see weak spots in complex systems, come up with solutions and advocate for them

  • Automotive / self-driving experience (particularly CAN, Ethernet, & hard real-time)

  • Experience with Nvidia’s CUDA toolkit

  • Published technical writing, ideally standards-based

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