Cisco Returnship

The Role: Cisco Returnship

Location: San Jose, CA


Cisco is partnering with ‘Women Back to Work’ to host a paid 16 - week mid-career returnship for a 14 returnee program. This program is open to men and women who have a gap in their work history due to caring for a loved one, raising a child, or other voluntary reasons.This Returnship is in San Jose, CA and is a fantastic opportunity for women looking to re-enter the workforce. Benefits of the program include:

  • Re-acquaint yourself with today’s workplace.

  • Work with seasoned Cisco employees.

  • Attend “Return to Work” workshops.

  • Learn the latest tools and platforms used in your profession.

  • Network with many Cisco and WBW professionals.

  • Graduate with skills, tools, and relationships that you can leverage for future jobs.

The roles for the Returnship include Technical Program Managers, IT Analysts, Cloud Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Program Managers.  

Apply to the following link to find out more information : .