Autonomous Vehicles Training Manager

The Role: Autonomous Vehicles Training Manager

Location: Palo Alto, CA


About this opportunity

Lyft is interested in hiring returners at their company. Apply here with ReBoot Accel and we will help advocate on your behalf.

At Lyft, community is what we are and it’s what we do. It’s what makes us different. To create the best ride for all, we start in our own community by creating an open, inclusive, and diverse organization where all team members are recognized for what they bring.

From day one, Lyft’s mission has been to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. And self-driving cars are critical to that mission: they can make our streets safer, cities greener, and traffic a thing of the past. That’s why we started Level 5, our self-driving division, where we’re building a self-driving system to operate on the Lyft network. 

Level 5 is looking for doers and creative problem solvers to join us in developing the leading self-driving system for ridesharing. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, and each has the opportunity to have an outsized influence on the future of our technology. Our world-class software and hardware experts work in brand new garages and labs in Palo Alto, California, and offices in London, England and Munich, Germany. And we’re moving at an incredible pace: we’re currently servicing employee rides in our test vehicles on the Lyft app. Learn more at

As an Autonomous Training Manager, you’ll play a crucial role in managing the training and compliance of the Lyft Level 5 that physically maintains the safety and effectiveness of our Autonomous Vehicle fleet.


  • Monitors training programs and manuals to ensure that they are effective and up-to-date and makes updates as necessary

  • Manage a group of Autonomous Vehicles Trainers and Instructional Designers that will be responsible for the instruction and evaluation of operators, trainers and dispatchers

  • Reviews existing training materials produced by third parties to determine appropriateness and relevance

  • Build tools and dashboards to monitor the quality of training and safety

  • Modifies or creates course materials and training manuals to meet specific training needs

  • Presents in-person and online training sessions or hires qualified personnel to do so

  • Schedules training sessions, organizes information technology and other equipment, and manages course and qualification completion

  • Works with managers to address learning issues, instruction problems, or new educational needs regarding specific employees or departments

  • Conduct in-depth project management of engineering and operational efforts, and ensure that operational deliverables fulfill requirements and are on schedule

  • Organize and guide numerous cross-functional teams (both inside and outside of the operational org.), to ensure that all parties are in clear communication about requirements and execution plans/status

Experience & Skills:

  • BA/BS and 4 years of relevant work experience or 8 years of relevant experience in lieu of a degree

  • 3 years of management experience in leading small to medium sized teams of 5-50 people

  • 3 years of direct experience of working with engineering teams

  • Experience in building dashboards and metrics

  • SQL, JIRA experience is a plus