Job Hackers Free Agile MBA Class starting this October

The Job Hackers is a non-profit organization that provides people in career transition with training on Agile and Scrum along with job placement assistance. They’re offering a free class they call the "Agile MBA" that will provides knowledge and experience to obtain Scrum Master certification and placement as a Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager.

The class runs for six weeks, meeting every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30am-9:00am in person in the San Francisco Bay area and online anywhere via zoom. For those who enroll sessions are recorded in case you need to miss a class.
Classes begin October 15 in San Francisco. The class is also available live online via zoom.

We are excited to share that 169 Participants from Reboot Accel have registered for this class, 28 completed have the class, and 3 people passed the Professional Scrum Master ("PSM") test!