Are you being paid fairly? Work with 81cents to match you with recruiters and hiring managers to help you find out

81cents ( is a new company that helps women and minorities figure out if they're being fairly. They match candidates with recruiters and hiring managers to serve as a virtual "board of advisors" providing market data, negotiation advice, and validation that it's not just okay to negotiate - it's essential.

Our Story

We started 81cents because we know first-hand how intimidating and uncomfortable talking about compensation, much less advocating for more, can be.

Men initiate negotiations 4x as often as women, and when asked to pick a metaphor for negotiating a majority of men picked winning a ball game, while a majority of women picked going to the dentist.

In summer 2018 we started 81cents with the goal of changing the way things work, providing affordable, accessible, virtual negotiation support (and data!) for women and other underrepresented minorities.

We’ve worked with more than 130 women, helping them find more than $800,000 in additional compensation. But, we’re just getting started. Women still earn 81 cents for every dollar men earn on average, and the statistics look even more dismal if you factor in race. We know we can do more.

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