Hiring returners is our secret weapon.
— John Donahoe, former CEO of Paypal

“I have many friends who have undergone ReBoot training. Their profiles are nearly all the same. They left demanding professional jobs to raise their children. They took on BIG leadership positions in the organizations in which their children were involved such as PTO, school foundation boards, and National Charity League. Because I worked beside or beneath them in these organizations, I knew they were enormously capable and smart.  

Hence, whenever I am hiring from the outside, I ALWAYS announce the position at ReBoot because I know exactly how great the quality of the candidates are. I’ve made multiple offers to ReBoot alum over the last few years. And if I didn’t end up hiring a ReBoot alum, I hired within the alum’s network because she shared the position with a friend that she knew would be perfect for the position.”

Patti Lee-Hoffman, Founder of Flutter Eyewear


ReBoot Accel helps companies identify and access accomplished women interested in returning to the workplace after a career pause. Women resuming their careers have:

  • Strong communication skills

  • Significant management experience

  • Minimal training costs

  • High retention

This high-caliber, resourceful group improves a company’s gender and age diversity while filling important talent gaps.

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