Who is ReBoot Accel for?

Women who have been out of the paid workforce for more than 2 years.

While we were away, the work world changed. Social media, shared drives and new workplace tech tools can be confusing and overwhelming. What’s a ‘like’ versus a ‘share’ versus a ‘tweet’? And how does one interview via Skype or Google Hangouts? Developing an understanding of these technologies and cultivating a growth mindset are key to a successful reentry. ReBoot Accel is designed to do just this.

Whether you have been out two years or twenty, most women participating in ReBoot are interested in returning to or creating some type of paid work, full or part-time, in profit or non-profit sectors. Others have recently taken jobs and are polishing their workplace skills, and some are in discernment and preparing to step out in a new direction. All are welcome and add to the vitality of the ReBoot Accel experience.

Why this program?

There is value and fun in learning current technologies live with other supportive women who are on a similar path. Learn shortcuts and new features in products, and get introduced to technologies and trends. More importantly, meet great engaged women who are at a similar stage in life and are actively exploring their next step through the ReBoot Accel community.

What will I learn?

Six of the eight sessions focus on getting you current in office collaborative and productivity tech tools; and fluent in social media, job search, personal branding and video interviewing technologies through hands on training — think a survey course in: LinkedIn, visual presentation platforms, Google Mail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive; Canva (great visual design tool), and Facebook and Twitter for building your personal brand and business. Two of the eight sessions help you connect your goals and strengths with an actionable plan and effective ‘elevator pitch’; and then launch successfully with advice from HR managers and recruiters. All along the way you will be making valuable connections with and through your ReBoot Accel cohort. Current + Connected = Confident! Both the 1 Week Immersion (5 Days) and 8 Week (once a week) Accelerators cover the same material.

How much time do I need to commit?

In addition to the full week (Immersion Accelerator) or 3 hour weekly group sessions (8 Week Accelerator), we recommend completing the individual prep work, including the PreBoot session to get your computer updated. While the time commitment is really your choice, the more time you invest, the more you’ll gain. This can take 1-5 hours a week, depending on how deeply you want to dig into the material. We also suggest practicing the new skills learned each week so that your familiarity and confidence are maximized as you approach your new job. If you are starting your journey of self-reflection about how and where to reenter, this reflection time may require a greater investment. Again, the journey is yours!

What computer do I need for the program?

You will need an up-to-date laptop and a laptop charger for this program. 80% of our participants use Apple laptops, but the majority of the material we will teach you can be used on a PC as well. Prior to the first session, we will send you a “PreBoot” guide which will instruct you how to get your computer (Mac or PC) up to date. PreBoot is a 3-hour orientation and tech update class, so don’t forget that charger!

What's the difference between your program offerings?

The 5-Day Immersion Accelerator (Silicon Valley, Seattle, Los Angeles) is geared towards local and traveling women who want to ‘reboot’ quickly.

The 8-Week Accelerator runs 1x/week for 8 weeks, and is offered in Silicon Valley and Seattle.

A 2-Day Bootcamp is offered in Silicon Valley this spring and focuses specifically on creating LinkedIn profiles, building a personal brand and elevator pitch, and learning to leverage job search technologies to research, network, and land that interview.

Both the 8-week and 5-Day Immersion accelerators include the same rigorous curriculum targeting workplace and social media technologies and job search skill development.

Both accelerator iterations include a “PreBoot” mandatory session where we help you get your computer up to date for the remainder of your ReBoot Accel experience. This is included in the price of your accelerator program and is highly recommended.

Prior to most accelerators, we offer an optional “Finding Your Purpose and Passion Workshop”. This workshop will guide you through a discernment process regarding your life and career goals, and your next steps. See the Workshop section for more information on current offerings and prices.

ReBoot Connect is our continuing professional development and community program. Members pay $30/month (auto-renewal) to have access to a minimum of 2 workshops a month. Everyone is welcome to join ReBoot Connect: post-accelerator, pre-accelerator, currently employed, or pursuing employment.

What's your refund policy?

For Accelerators: cancellations that are made at least 30 days prior to the Accelerator start date, there is no cancellation fee.

For cancellations that are made 14-30 days prior to the Accelerator start date, the refund is prorated at 50% of the total fees you have paid for the Accelerator.

For cancellations that are made less than 14 days prior to the Accelerator start date, we will refund you 10% of the total fees you have paid for the Accelerator.

We rely on an accurate headcount to provide the best experience for all of our program participants and make commitments to our service providers based on this headcount. Our cancellation policy allows us to secure the best speakers and provisions for all attendees. Thank you for helping us ensure a high quality experience.

For ReBoot in 30: Refunds are eligible 1 calendar week from the date of purchase only.

Please submit all refund requests via email by the deadline(s) listed above. At the moment, telephone requests are not available.

Refunds will be sent or credited (if you paid by credit card) within four to six weeks after we receive your request.

Please direct your requests to us as shown below:

Email: [email protected]

Subject line: Refund Request


What's your missed class policy?

Missed classes may be made up in a future accelerator for a $150 fee per class as space allows. Email reb[email protected]ReBoot to reserve a seat.

I'd like to post a job to your Job Board. How can I do that?

Great! We’d love to post your company’s job openings. Please fill out this form with information about the job.