One size does NOT fit all when it comes to our work and life planning. Premium Workshops offer deeper dive, 4+ hour workshops on topics specifically tailored to your career, and life stage needs.

An ongoing professional development membership program for all women intent on growing their workplace skills, network, and confidence. For working and pre-working women. ReBoot Connect chapters meet semi-monthly for lectures, tech skill development, and networking.

An online program that will guide you step-by-step, session-by-session through self discovery, reentry research, job search skills, social media, and personal rebranding to kickstart your return to work. Online. On your time. 30 sessions. 30 minutes each session. Via an email sent to you daily or every other day (you choose!).


Rachel Stafeil

Detroit ReBoot Connect City Lead

ReBoot Accel is a safe place for women who have paused their careers to learn current productivity tools, broaden their personal network and become inspired about their futures as valuable, respected contributors. Any woman looking to reinvent herself should consider ReBoot Accel.
Jill L.
I highly recommend ReBoot Accel to women accelerating back into the workforce. I’ve read the parenting books, I’ve attended speaker series and continuing ed classes, and now this is about MY next step! ReBoot Accel is highly supportive and representative of where I want to go!
ReBoot Alum
I wouldn't have landed my job with Jet Blue Technology Ventures without ReBoot Accel and taking small bets. I'm so thankful I found the ReBoot Career Accelerator and to have been a part of the ReBoot Accel team.
Dana P.