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Why hire returners?
Soft skills are critical to workplace success. 44% of executives believe the lack of soft skills is the biggest proficiency gap in the US*. Mature talent returning from a career pause (“returners”) often require less training, are immediately productive and show greater staying power. Returners possess business acumen, perspective, an ability to self-direct and bring a strong work ethic to their role. Returners are energized and intentional in their desire to contribute to an organization’s mission and culture.

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*2017 Adecco Study

Example of Returner Talent

Dana returned to work after a 16 year career pause and is currently working as the Operations Manager for JetBlue Technology Ventures. Dana’s manager, Bonny Simi, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures, hired Dana over 8 other candidates because of her maturity, judgment and ability to get things done. JetBlue Technology Ventures is benefiting from Dana’s Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees as well as her work experience, which included leading $20M+ projects to replace essential power plant systems, increasing sales productivity 20% by successfully managing the development and implementation of an online marketing/sales system, and significantly improving billing accuracy and efficiency for millions of customers.



Corporate Case Study

In 2017 and 2018 ReBoot Accel conducted a program with Visa, targeting candidates for Silicon Valley-based tech and non-tech roles. In 2018, within 3 weeks, Visa received over 1600 applications, and 10% were short-listed as viable candidates. The 1-day  program to get women current and confident identified strong talent and showcased Visa as a great culture for returning women.

See a 90-second video of Visa’s 2017 program with ReBoot Accel.