Consulting Expertise to Build Effective Diverse Workplaces and Create Returnships

Diversity Consulting
ReBoot Accel partners with companies to support women and underrepresented groups in the workplace and develop cultures of inclusion and belonging. Studies have shown that diverse and inclusive teams have stronger financial performance, productivity, innovation, and employee engagement. Diversity is a powerful performance accelerant, and unconscious bias is its greatest enemy. Unconscious bias can significantly skew judgment and influence our assumptions, expectations, and preferences.

Through company audits, we help identify opportunities for greater inclusion, leading to improved attraction, retention, and contribution of women and underrepresented groups. We aim to provide knowledge, techniques, and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes and behaviors, recognizing that meaningful change happens over time. Success requires commitment from senior leadership to developing a strong, inclusive culture.





Returnship Consulting
ReBoot Accel helps companies develop ‘returnship’ programs to attract and diversify talent. A returnship is a 12-16 week internship that provides a low-risk, limited time opportunity for both the hiring manager and the returner to test the waters before a full time hiring decision is made. Companies may choose to place returning talent into a specific role or to have them gain broad exposure within the company by rotating through a variety of roles. The majority of returnships convert to full-time hires, so this is an effective way to source talent. At last count, 75 Fortune 1000 companies have active programs to hire those who’ve paused their careers. These companies include Visa, Mastercard, Apple, Intuit, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Pepsi, IBM, Deloitte, and EY. Some who are repeating these programs have doubled their hiring targets.







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