Get current in job search and video interviewing technologies, and learn how to build your LinkedIn profile and personal brand through social media platforms. All while learning and networking with other women like you. A 16 hour ‘Bootcamp’ learning experience designed to quickly move you in the right return-to-work direction! Invest in yourself in 2017 and bring a friend!

*We will be doing hands-on work in Bootcamp. You will need to bring a current laptop to class. We will send you an email with prep instructions. This pre-work will take about 2 hours.



April 25-26, 2017
9AM-5PM plus some fantastic but optional evening ed and networking events
GSVlabs, 585 Broadway, Redwood City

*PreBoot is from 2-4PM on Monday, April 24

Click here for the SV Spring 2017 2-Day Bootcamp – Daily Schedule




*2-Day Bootcamp versus 5-Day Accelerator (click for larger image)